Thursday, July 07, 2005

Bogan Family Blog - Open for comments!!

Please feel free to post comments!


Rhonda said...

Is this site new or isn't anyone posting? Actually I do not know what to post either. We have lived here by Dayton Ohio all our lives.

Earl L Bogan said...

I have been researching the Boggan/Bogan for years. The family arrived before the American Revolution in Pa.The family finaly moved to North Carolina,Georgia,Alabama,South Carolina and finally to other States through out the U.S.A.

Wayne said...

I am a Bogan and live in Arlington, TX now. I was born in Fayetteville, AR.
I have traced my family to Boganville, S.C.

Linda said...

My mother was Etta Bogan from Hazel Valley, Arkansas. We are searching for information on her brother, Earl Lester Bogan b Feb 1892 who was last heard from in the late 40's. Their parents were Claron and Melissa Guinn Bogan.

Wayne Bogan, I too was born in Fayetteville, AR.

Chuck said...


Earl Lester Bogan had several children from multiple wives. His oldest child is my grandfather, Jack Bogan who lives in Lemon Cove, California. Jack installed Claron's headstone in Hazel Valley around 2000.

Stephen Bogan said...

My Grandfather was Harmon Jefferson Bogan. He was from Iowa or near that I think. He married Bessie Telford who also was from that area.
My father was George O. Bogan, he was born near Long Prairie, Minnesota in 1921. In the 1930's when my Dad was 15, the whole family moved out to San Diego, CA.
I was born here and still live here.
Stephen Bogan.

Barry Hart said...

I am researching the HART family. Suppposedly, a fellow named ELISHA HART married Elinore "Nellie" Bogan about 1781. She was daughter of John and Hannah Grist Bogan.

Can anyone help me with this family?

Rev. Barry Hart

Anonymous said...

Greetings from Sebastian Bogan living in Dresden, Germany!

lexbrus said...

Hello. My name is Alexey Bogan [07/29/1988]. I was born and lived life in Russia for 15 years. As far as I know, all of my ancestors were Russian.

Vinny :) said...

Wow, I haven't looked into this site for a long time. Bogan-ness is all around us!!

I'm Vincent Gerard Bogan (owner and admin of this site.

Son of Vincent Anthony Bogan who was born in Bradley Gardens, NJ in 1935. He was in a family of 13 and lived in Scotch Plains, NJ, Jersey City, NJ, Roselle Park, NJ and Piscataway, NJ

His family as best as I can remember:

Father: Edward Bogan
Mother: Mary "Polly" Bogan

Children: Edward, William (Frank), Thomas, John (Jack), Mary, Vincent, Patricia, Joseph, Gerard, Geraldine, Steven, Bernard.

pbogey said...

Looking for family on dads side for joesph bogan who was born in 1928, we think born in ireland and move to maryland then to New York mothers name was helen and he had 8 brothers and 8 sisters he is the 14th child of 17. Can anyone help!
Thanks Pat.

Wayne Bogan said...

My name is Wayne Bogan Jr. My grandparents on my fathers side were Claude Bogan and Nora Bogan. There children were Ellis, Gus, Alice, Omer and Wayne,my father. Fayetteville, Arkansas area.

Bryan said...

Hi all !!
I am looking for a Patricia Bogan last know to have lived in chicago, illinois around 1954. Any help would be much appreciated

Craigamus (Taree) said...

At last I hav found u I moved from Sydney to Taree Sur I was goin ta find ya all. I cant beleev it boi am I proud ta be a bogan rite now. Should come check out my shack in Taree bogan capitol of tha world we could cook som rat on da fir.

Bryan said...

Hey all
Just checkin again to see if anyone knows of any Woman Bogans that were put up for adoption... I know a Joanne Bogan looking for family last known to have been in Illinois. Any help would be so appreciated

Peter Ringel said...

Hello to all. My great great grandfather was Charles Bogan. He was born in County Donegal and came to the US in 1844 with his mother Esther, his brother Bernard and his sister Mary. They settled in Newark, New Jersey. Mary married a gentleman by the name of Edward McGeehan and moved to Racine Wisconsin. Bernard moved to Brooklyn NY around 1851 and became very prominent in the Brooklyn Saint Vincent DePaul Society. Charles would become a well known and respected baker in Newark, New Jersey, operating a bakery on Mulberry Street. My Bogan clan got brave in the 1920s, venturing out of Newark to the nearby suburb of Maplewood, New Jersey.

If any of this sounds familiar, you can contact me at

GAYLE said...

i was born sept 23 1970 i was put up 4 adoption. my name was wanda gayle bogans i was born greensboro north carolina. a family adopted me in newark nj.when i ws 6yrs old iam a black female my name was changed. my email is

Vinny :) said...

Thanks Anonymous! I hadn't seen what a mess this comment list has become. Nice to see a fellow Bogan looking out :)

Anonymous said...

hi all

I just wanted to introduce myself to everyone!

Can't wait to get to know you all better!


Thanks again!

Ima said...

Steve Bogan, CA
Lonnie Boganm father, Homer, Il
Guy Bogan, grndfather, Homer, Il
Theodore Bogan, Grt Grnfather, Homer/Champaign, IL
Any relatives out there?

Anonymous said...

Hello Bogans

Anonymous said...

Heyy!! I'm a Bogan to!! Hello other Bogans!!

jamie wilson said...

Looking to trace an Edward Frank Bogan,was in the services in the 1940's. Spent sometime in Ayr/Tarbolton area in Scotland.Used to write to a Agnes Adams/Galt.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I am Agnes Bogan I was born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1946
now living in Plymouth Devon UK my father was John Bogan his father my Grandfather, John, was born in Donegal, Ireland.
Just thought it would be nice to say hello to all the Bogan's out there.

Agnes said...

I am Agnes Bogan I was born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1946
now living in Plymouth Devon UK my father was John Bogan his father my Grandfather, John, was born in Donegal, Ireland.
Just thought it would be nice to say hello to all the Bogan's out there.

Anonymous said...

hi my name is geoff i live in south west western australia and iam proud to be a bogan

Ashley (Soon to be) Bogan said...

I know many of you born a Bogan are already proud to be so, but I have another reason to be, here in the upstate of South Carolina serveral businesses carry the Bogan name. Bogan's Signs, Bogan's Hunting and Fishing, Bogan's Antiques Auction, and my fiance's grandfather once had a PI service - Bogan's Investigations.
So many reasons to be proud of the family I'm marrying into.

Anonymous said...

There is alot of Bogan's in and around hot springs va

Donegal Reaching Out said...

I came across your webpage while researching what happen to the families who left Tawnawully in Donegal
My name is James Mc Daid and I’m living in Donegal my Facebook page is South West Donegal Reaching Out and I’m looking for people whose families may have connections with (Tawnawully Townawilly various spellings) in the past.

John Bogan and Mary McAndrew who left Donegal for Coatbridge in Scotland and then for America,
John’s father was Thomas a weaver lived in Milltown Tawnawully Donegal he had a least one other son Edward who married Elizabeth Brown in Belfast. I believe most of John and Mary’s twelve children went to US, except two boys Thomas and William who died in the First World War.

I would love to hear about the Bogan’s who are descended from Thomas of Milltown any stories and picture can be put on my FB page or email me at or if you would like to know more about Milltown just ask.

Best Wishes for now